A New Year

Hello everyone, Andrew here. As you may have noticed, HYDROTHYES has not been very active in 2017. In fact, it is going on June and no videos have been posted. For this, I am incredibly sorry. The reason for this is mainly from the fact that Trevor and I have had some disagreements in how and when to make videos. Because of this, I am sorry to inform you that Trevor has since left HYDROTHYES. This, I am sure, will disappoint some of you, our viewers, but it also disappoints me dearly. Trevor was not only a genius creator and partner, but he was also a friend. I hope that we all can hope Trevor the best as he pursues a different path in his life and career.

As for the future of HYDROTHYES, I am not sure what will become of the channel or the community. But I can assure you that I am pumped as ever to continue to make amazing videos and content for you guys! I am currently very busy with other things that I must work on, but I hope that as I enter college this fall, I can find the time and great new people to work with in order to bring you guys the same high-quality content that you have been used to.

HYDROTHYES is also in communication with a few people from the university that I will be attending in order to bring in new content and creators for you to enjoy. However, this is all I can disclose at this point.

In conclusion, I hope that we can get back on track to bring you the best content that we can make while bringing in new people with fresh ideas. Thank you for your time and love as we transition to bigger and better things.


With love,